HACK – HOWTO change your MAC address!


Well, I’ve used this before to change my computer MAC address so I can authenticate a
microcontroller illegally but it’s okay, I was in a different country under different jurisdiction and
the microcontroller was made in USA. Hehe, well here’s howto change MAC address of your PC
and mess up the world IP networks! Just kidding, just use it if you need to. :0)

There’s a C++ command-line utility called Macshift that allows Windows XP users to change their MAC address to any other valid address. I’ve written about how to use it and how to create shortcuts to change your MAC address on-the-fly. I’ll first explain how to use Macshift for any MAC change, then I’ll show you how to make Windows shortcuts using the command-line options. I’ve also made a small script to make it easier to use, but the script isn’t necessary.

via allthingsmarked via wagthis

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