Free internet for LG VX-6100

Darn, I wish I had a LG VX-6100 although internet probably is really slow even if it’s free

If you have an LG VX-6100 (some older/newer models have it to):

Press “Menu”, then “0”, It should say “??????”, it is actally asking you for a serivce code. The service code will be “000000”.

Once in the service menu scroll to WAP Setting (or press “9”).

Now what we are going to change is the “Proxy Address Setting” and “Homepage”.

To get a working proxy you will need a proxy list website (such as some listed here):

Keep in mind that only proxys with port 8080 will work.

Once you find a few, go to “Proxy Address Setting” or “1”. Now you want to select the first or “Primary Proxy” and change that to your first proxy, then press “OK”. Do the same with the “Secondary Proxy” accept use your second chosen proxy. After you press “OK” to save the second one, Press “CLR” to go back to the menu.

Now back in the menu go to “Home Page” or press “4”, now for this you want to set it to something you want (besides what it has in there) i chose “”. After you press “OK” your phone should reset and your all set!!

Free internet (but it will use your minutes).

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