DIY – HOWTO Dismantle your Laser Printer

Here’s a cool DIY on how to dismantle your broken or old laser printer. Although you might not
be able to fix your laser printer, this is a very good DIY as a reference while hacking your
old laser printer.

I recently got a used laser printer (Canon LBP-4) from cit since he moved to Regensburg and sorted out some surplus hardware.

Having ordered a new toner for 23 Euros I had to notice that the printer is broken :-(

The Display said 52 SERVICE and google told me that it’s probably the motor of the laser scanner.

So I grabbed the screwdriver and had a look into the printer.

outdated, but solid hardware

Some time ago they built hardware bigger, rugged, modular and with no SMD parts. Thus fixing stuff was easier.

The printer is such a piece of hardware consisting of modular non-SMD electronics. There are separate and removable circuit boards for parallel port interface, postscript processor and the printer control.

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2 Responses to DIY – HOWTO Dismantle your Laser Printer

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    can you burn stuff with the laser out of the printer???

  2. Izl says:

    happened to my printer too, the motor was too weak to power the scanner belt

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