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Here’s a cool LED HOWTO guide including how to power LEDs using DC or AC.

LED lights are extremely efficient compared to standard incandescent lighting. No other lighting source outputs as many lumens per watt. They are particularly efficient at producing a single color of light. Other light sources have to produce the entire spectrum and optically filter out unwanted colors. However, LEDs can be manufactured to produce only one wavelength of light. This makes them particularly useful in stop lights.

Another advantage to LEDs is their operating temperature. Most available today can be function for hours and remain cool to the touch. Directionality is another key property. They only emit light over a relatively small angle. This can be advantageous for reading lights, but hinders performance when attempting to light an entire room.

If the advantages of LED lighting interest you, Myths Busted, LED Lighting is an excellent article by a researcher in outdoor lighting solutions. (And the source of most my information.)

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  1. A. Durant says:

    Hi DIY Readers,

    I was on the Avago Technology website and noticed that they have added a new LED Lighting Portal which targets LED lighting designers. The site URL is and is organized by the following lighting applications: signs and signals, solid-state lighting, consumer, automotive and industrial lighting applications. If you are building any lighting applications in these areas, I would check it out. It’s really cool.

    Keep in mind, the LED lighting components on this site is not listed be product, but by application to help lighting designers to find the LED components they need for their designs quickly.

    A. Durant

  2. gigy says:

    I just read some article from It says the same thing about the performance of LED lighting that is really effienct. I don’t know if I really agree with this. If compare for long term I think we spend the same amout of money for these both kinds of lighting. I like the color of LEDs better but still wonder why the price is so high.

  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    awesome i will do thjis when i wanna make imy own christmas lights….

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