DIY HACK – HOWTO make a quick Masterlock pick!

Here’s a cool master lock pick using some tooth brush thingee…

nice job guys! :0) and a happy new year!

don’t pick too many locks that’s illegal this year!

Often when it comes to true invention and discovery, crossing the line of ethics of the day leads to great discoveries. There seems to be several areas of humanity that create social boundaries preventing discoveries of all types. Lets all take a moment to reflect on the nature of humanity.. Ok that was enough of that! Supposed ethical boundaries have often stymied the progression of insight both to our surroundings, but also into our self’s. It is in one of these perceived dark recesses of humanity that I have felt like delving into with this project. Any type of project that effects perception of security and stability of life is never popular. While lock picking is nothing new, for those who know nothing about it, it often shocks and scares people with its ease and sharp reality.

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  1. Izl says:

    Just shim it

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