HACK – PIC USB Programming, a Hackaday Competition Entry


Here’s a cool PIC USB programmable microcontroller. Cool…a hackaday competition entry

“This design uses the Microchip PIC 18F2450 or 18F2550 USB enabled microcontroller. The total parts cost is around $15 including the microcontroller for a single board. The board features a USB port that can be used with a bootloader for easy programming. It is designed to use a 20MHz crystal. Two switches are included, for MCLR and RC0. Five analog inputs are brought out (AN0-AN4) which can be used to read analog sensors, as well as the two CCP ports which can be used to control servos or other devices. A user LED is built in, using RA4. The onboard USART ports are brought out to a three pin header which can be used to talk to other microcontrollers, or to an RS232 device with a MAX232 level converter. The whole of PORTB is brought out to a header, as well as a pair of power headers. An ICSP header rounds out the board for programming the PIC.

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  1. Izl says:

    Did you win?

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