DIY HACK – HOWTO run MAC OS9 in Windows PC

Well, since I can’t really afford a new mac, I can probably emulate it using this sheepshaver program.

I downloaded Sheepshaver and read the instructions. You can download Sheepshaver HERE You have to have a ROM from a PCI Powermac. You can extract a ROM from your computer, or if you can’t get it working, download it HERE. To run sheepshaver you also need the GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment which you can download HERE. and SDL.dll which you can download HERE.

2 Responses to DIY HACK – HOWTO run MAC OS9 in Windows PC

  1. Mac OS ROM file not found says:

    the Mac OS ROM file is not found.

    post it on another site or it was ilegal to download.

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    eh… i dont wanna look like i have a mac… i wanna have one… lol…

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