DIY HACK – Party Ball or Disco Ball

Even though this is a DIY without a smart embedded computer chip, we give props for head start
on our future DIY.  It’s very rugged and has some “too much glue gun”, but we do give it 3 thumbs
up for the idea, not for the design.  :0)

“Here is my version of the LED Disco Ball. Its Completely portable can either be hung or screwed to the roof. It runs on 3AA batteries and has a group of gears from a CD player laser.

Parts List:
-Metal Fujicolor Negative Film Control Strips Container
-2 UV LEDs
-2 White LEDs
-2 Blue LEDs
-Motor + Gear system from a CD player
-Wires ”


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  1. Izl says:

    lol thats sick

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