How To Make A Simple Matchstick Rocket



Quick and easy way to make a matchstick rocket using a match and foil. These rockets can travel as far at 20 feet.

How To Make A Simple Matchstick Rocket – video powered by Metacafe

9 Responses to How To Make A Simple Matchstick Rocket

  1. David says:

    Sound is very poor.

  2. max says:

    that’s true…

  3. Sam says:

    I cant realy hear your voice…..

  4. The armadillo says:

    That is pretty cool, but when I tried it, the furthest I got was like 3 feet. Also, a bunch of them didn’t even work.

  5. max says:

    hmmm…maybe a little lighter fluid could help…

  6. Izl says:

    Kipkay has really nice DIY vids on metacafe like this

  7. Carl says:

    Protective goggles !

  8. Izl says:

    Tried today, didnt go so far

  9. Anonymous says:

    nice work but it
    still needs improvement

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