DIY HACK – Make your own Oscilloscope

Check out this DIY Oscilloscope using Atmel Atmega32.

I wanted to see if I could make a useful scope using just a microcontroller and a television. The result works, but is a bit slow with a maximum sampling rate of 15,750 Hz. This is fast enough for most electrophysiology, but not for audio. The sampling rate is determined by the maximum rate of the internal A/D converter.


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  2. Izl says:

    I didnt know what they were in my last post on a diff article, but now i know, thank you google, nice job on that one

  3. Pier Francis says:

    I have a small 3 inch crt with me . I want to make an oscilloscope out of that can u please help me ? Is there any circuit for that ? I really want to make one myself . Please help me .

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