Google HACK – Use Google as proxy, access forbidden sites from work

Now you can use Google’s translator to access sites blocked over firewall at work or school using
the following simple methods:

Its easy, simply paste the following URL in to your browser’s address bar and replace with the URL that you received from your friend.|en&

So for example if the URL for the video is;

simply change the URL above to;|en&

… and say hello to YouTube!

Off Topic: “Just don’t tell the Chinese” seems a little prejudice though for the international
world we live in.
via futurafish

19 Responses to Google HACK – Use Google as proxy, access forbidden sites from work

  1. garrett says:

    …yeah. The reason he says that is because for the past few years, there has been a lot of news coverage about Google and China, namely the fact that China does not want to allow anti-Communist material to be accessed by its citizens. Over the years this has led from Google being blocked entirely by China, reinstated but heavily censored, and more recently Google has agreed to censor its results for China based on whatever criteria it desires. This has caused a lot of conflict within the internet community because up till now, Google has appeared to stick to its motto “Don’t Be Evil” but they appear to be actively helping China black out the free exchange of information in order to control the minds of its population.

  2. max says:

    Yes, no matter what the Chinese government plans to do, there’s no way they can stop or censor all the information out in the world today.

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  4. umopapisdn says:

    Regarding the comment made about Google and China, apparently somebody missed the memo. Google is not censoring inside of China. Instead, they created a secondary site called to be accessed within China. That way, the Google users within China now have a choice. They can use the non-censored, running into all of the various problems which arise from China’s “Great Firewall”, or they can use which will be free from problems, but will be censored of the sites that the “Great Firewall” censors anyway. This isn’t evil, this is presenting even more choices than were available before.

  5. max says:

    Yes, I don’t think China’s government is evil, they are probably just trying to make themselves look good. If they are evil, I am sure 90% of stuff made today wouldn’t come from China.

  6. mail4ourrights says:

    What about Burma? Burma is the world’s worst Internet Censorship country in the world. Not only the political websites, but also almost all free email services are blocked here in Burma. Burma is much more worse than China. What is your opinion upon that case?

  7. Megan says:

    How do you get on myspace or hotmail?

  8. pur8range222 says:

    black g kite addy pickaxe wizzard robe

  9. pur8range222 says:

    addy pickaxe wizzard robe black g kite

  10. marie says:

    anybody know any hidden proxys my school has blocked all you can think of……….

  11. Bob says:

    Doesn’t work. Any other proxies? I’m in the same boat as Marie. -___-

  12. green says:

    in the past our leaders blocked youtube for bad content about our republic founder. This proxy method didnt work for me.

  13. Bubbles says:

    I am very bored and want to go on bebo but the teach has blocked all the sites and ure hack dont work can u help me out

  14. Izl says:

    try worldwideproxy or kproxy or search “anonymous surfing” some dont state they are proxies, to stay hidden

  15. dood says:

    i want to play

  16. jchouhenk says:

    it doesn’t work, make a better blast dude !

  17. e20m says:

    ….p thats not working

  18. e20m says:

    ….p thats not working

  19. e20m says:

    ….p thats not working

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