Check out this cool etch CNC.  Actually we were thinking of making this too, but since it’s already
made, we can learn from it and make it quicker.  Awesome! 🙂

I am using a retrofit machine that fit within my budget. It’s a 2-axis machine with approximately 170x130mm travel.

The circuit board is my own design, using a ULN2803 per motor to supply approx. 0.3 amps per winding. The power supply is a standard AT hard-drive power connector, with the +12V used to power the motors. It’s a simple constant-voltage L/R drive. I made the circuit board using EAGLE, and milled it on Chris’s real CNC milling machine (which is powered by EMC and AXIS, of course).

Also check out:

Schematic of the driver circuit

Layout of the driver board


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  1. Izl says:

    nice, there are some people that are pros at e-a-s

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