How to Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately

Here’s a cool howto on bypassing firewalls. It can also be very helpful those
of you trying to make an ethernet application since firewalls are existent
almost everywhere now. Even your basic router at your home does have
minimal firewall capabilities.

This week, we will digg a little bit deeper into firewalls, internet, and security hacks.

This guide discusses a way an employee or student can securely access the Internet while at work or school, and also get around some common firewall restrictions that prevent you from using most networked programs. My definition of “securely” means that there should be no mean by which your employer can know which websites you have visited or are currently visiting, and can not view or decipher the content of those sites (without actually standing over your shoulder.)

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2 Responses to How to Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately

  1. garrett says:

    the guy expends 20 times the necessary words to describe how to set up an SSH tunnel. i’ve done it hundreds of times, except for better security on public wireless networks instead of sneaking around bosses. if a company is worried about nonproductive surfing they can install screengrabbers easily…and they only have to target the computer showing a persistent SSH connection. so basically this guide is going to get more people in trouble over surfing on company time, though if they are surfing 7 hours a day they probably deserve a wakeup call…

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    darn.. you have to download…

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