Original Apple II+ Sells for $1,414.87 on ebay

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With all the outrageous PS3s and Wiis being sold on ebay, here’s a little
apple II that sells at an outrageous price.

Talking about some Apple computers that can be programmed in BASIC,
check out Comfile CUBLOC embedded computers, which can run at 20Mhz,
run 320×240 LCDs, and at 30 times smaller size of an Apple computer.

Well, it’s not the best comparison, but we did not expect a stamp sized chips
with capability of Apple computers 20 years ago.

It’s amazing what technology can do over the years. We, at zedomax.com,
forecast a second Dot-Com boom coming soon, which should consist of
some nice web sites and also backed up by wide array of embedded devices.
Well, I do have my first computer, a 386SX 40Mhz IBM compatible around.
Will that sell as well too? Leave your thoughts at the comments.
I do miss the old days, when internet was still under government testing and
a 2400 bps modem would log you into your local BBS.

That was the real beginning of Zedomax. We sold some cable-descrambler
HOWTOs over the Prodigy network for 10 bucks and tried all kinds of pyramid
scams before giving up.

I always thought Prodigy would be the one to last. Well it turns out AOL got
bigger than imaginable. They must have gone on the internet wagon a little

I remembed the first day I got a computer when I was 9 years old and played
the cool 3D tetris game. Strange that game is not easy to find these days.
Oh, I forgot to add that I did erase command.com the first day of my 386,
which taught me a valuable lesson about DOS. Denial of Service when you
mess with command.com… The next day I took it to the Taiwanese computer
sellers at their Silicon Valley office and they were able to reinstall DOS for me.

A reader pointed us to this interesting auction of an original Apple II+ that sold for $1,414.87 on eBay. For that price, you could get yourself a nice high-end laptop or a few PS3s. Auction page.

The Apple II was eventually superseded by the Apple II Plus, which included the Applesoft BASIC programming languages in ROM. This Microsoft-authored dialect of BASIC, which was previously available as an upgrade, supported floating-point arithmetic (though it ran at a noticeably slower speed than Steve Wozniak’s Integer BASIC) and became the standard BASIC dialect on the Apple II series

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  1. garrett says:

    Important to remember the Apple II+ sold for $1200 new, in 1979.

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