Robot – The Chinese Nightingale – Avian Android

Check out these cool looking bird androids! There a video here too.

Taking “The Chinese Nightingale”, a tale of Hans Christian Andersen, as a startingpoint to delevop an individual view on the topic of mechanical reproduction of a living organism. The chant of the nightingale, famous for its beautiful and unique sound, is being serialized and reduced to its very essence. The power of reproduction and massproduction is indirect porportional to the intesity of the auratic experience of the natural phenomenon. Seperating, isolating, synthetisizing and multiplying the avian voice is resulting in deconstruction of the original experience of listening to a “singing bird” and confuses with this unusual performance.

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3 Responses to Robot – The Chinese Nightingale – Avian Android

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  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    so it sings… i wanted it to fly…

  3. Raul says:

    that is pretty cool

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