HACK – Download free mp3 music using GOogle!

Tight little hack that I never knew existed!

Free mp3 Downloads from Google. With this simple trick, you can get tons of mp3 download links using just Google

All you have to do is search for this..
"Band or Artist name here" last modified mp3 "index of" -html -htm -php -asp
For example i want to get some Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song…
"Red hot chili peppers" last modified mp3 "index of" -html -htm -php -asp

via pinkprank

13 Responses to HACK – Download free mp3 music using GOogle!

  1. ariebratasena says:

    very good

  2. hey says:

    i wanna get songsd on my mp3 but i have windows xp how do i?

  3. max says:

    Try “Song name” last modified mp3 “index of” -html -htm -php -asp

  4. AJ says:

    ?Index.of? mp3 ?Index.of? mov. ?Index.of? wav. ?index.of? wma [artist][song][genre]

    some good strings i like to use ^ 😉

  5. max says:

    Oh nice, I’ve been using this hack to get great songs. That will be another great hack!

  6. tony says:

    You can try this simple file and unprotected directory search engine, it is based on google co-op:

  7. Izl says:

    Some guy made a customized search for this, you only have to enter the song name.

  8. hackaboi says:

    This is the best site on the www.

    Keep up.

    Email me more.

  9. axd10001 says:

    this is very good that i can download any songs without paying any money.

  10. elsa961 says:

    it’s bad about copyright’s and legal…

  11. The_Contented_Addict says:

    Hey thanks man. And y’know, it’s not stealing if you just so happen to come across a site that just so happens to give away free music. 😉 Besides, to some extent it helps the bands. I’ve found music I’ve never heard before via free downloads, and ended up buying the CD some time later.
    And, hey, it’s free music, and I ain’t rich. I can only buy CDs when I got money, y’know?

  12. dianrips says:

    it doesn't work.

  13. dianrips says:

    it doesn't work.

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