“Bush hid the facts!” HACK on Windows XP Notepad app

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Here’s a cool bush hack on Windows XP Notepad. I tried it and it works. It must be some kind of political scheme or somethin’
Must have been a bug one of the programmers made on purpose or something…
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8 Responses to “Bush hid the facts!” HACK on Windows XP Notepad app

  1. FriZZo says:

    Seems to have something to do with the amount of text/number of characters entered. Type in “pimp hit the bitch” instead and it will do the same thing.

  2. whyisitrequiredimjustgonnamakesomethinglongup says:

    frizzo must be right.
    pimp did nothing
    pimp hit nothing
    pimp hit the nothing
    pimp hit the bitch hidden text
    but it doesnt work with wordpad..

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  4. Mike says:


    is actually japanese. If you can only see squares, you must not have the japanese language support installed. I entered the japanese text into the babal fish translator and the only thing it put out was ‘projector’ surrounded by more japanese characters…

  5. girrrrrrr2 says:

    it worked!!! conspiracy…

  6. Jean-Luc says:


    1234 123 123 12345 will work.
    abcd abc abc abcde will work

    It’s a technical default in the windows code.
    I find it odd that the numbers match with that phrase though.

    Also try – Q33N (The flight number of the 9/11 Planes) and change the font size to 72, and the font to Wingdings.

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