Floating Candlelight


Nice, someone get it for me on Christmas!

Water and fire usually don’t work so well together. There are some exceptions, of course, like the steam turbine engine or using fire to boil water and cook up a nice heaping plate of pasta. Another exception would be the new Float from Mathmos. This candle powered light brings together these two elements in a rather pleasing way.

Simply fill the mouth blown glass vessel with water to the top of the chrome candle guide. Float one of the Mathmos Candles in the water and light. The flame will stay in the same place as the candle reduces in size casting moving light through water, glass and metal. Works with most household candles. Designed by: Roger Arquer.

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3 Responses to Floating Candlelight

  1. gfcgamer says:

    So? I guess water works well with fire!

    See the video after introduction….

    Don´t belive? See hho:

    repost for this site these links….

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  3. christopher says:

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