PS3 HACK using Wiimote!

Here’s a cool hack that allows users to use Nintendo Wii controller with the PS3 as a pointing device.
Although we cannot give it two thumbs up as it uses Linux for the PS3 in order to use the Wii
controller, we are sure someone will probably come up with a native hack for the PS3 soon.

Sony may have called the Wiimote a bit of a gimmick, but just a week after this statement from a Sony spokesperson comes a public demonstration of a PS3 running Linux using – you’ve guessed it: a Wiimote as a mouse. Last week the exact words of Sony were, “We feel very confident that the PlayStation fan is going to wait until they can get a PlayStation 3…If they do pick up a Wii, it’s as more of a novelty”, but as the images from the Binary 2.0 conference 2006 in Japan show, this novelty can now be used on a PS3!

The demonstration shows an ordinary PS3 running Linux using a Wiimote as the pointing device (as opposed to a mouse), with the Wiimote simply plugged into a spare USB port on the PS3 system.

The only modification needed for this operation was a driver to allow the Wiimote to run on Linux and that’s it! The presentation that ensued using the combination of the Wiimote and the PS3 running Linux consisted of a cube background which elegantly moved backward and forward depending on left or right movements by the Wiimote. I personally found it very impressive, especially since the PS3 is supposed to be a gaming device. This proves that it has business potential, too!


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  1. haysam says:


  2. me says:

    How do you plug in a wii mote via usb? A blue tooth adapter?

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  5. girrrrrrr2 says:

    i will allways be 100 ahead of you brian… lol… you will catch up soon… but now we have a ps thrii… lol…

  6. Izl says:

    requires linux….?

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