DIY HACK – More LED Christmas Trees!

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Don Stratton at Atomic Fireballs has improved on our Christmas tree with structural designs!
Although his tree does not do a POV like ours We gives him two thumbs up for the nice pine tree

About 2 weeks later MAKE Magazine’s RSS feed had a headline about some guys who made a POV Christmas tree! Oh well, this happens to me all the time; come up with a trivial geeky concept and somewhere between two days and two months someone posts video to YouTube of it working away. Hey, million geeks with a millon microcontrollers and all that. Quite often the person who actually developed the idea does a nicer job than I would have and I feel like a hole in the space-time continuum has been sealed, but this time… well, not only do I have some free time on my hands but the fine gentlemen who beat me to the punch on this missed only ONE absolutely critical detail, and the difference between what they did versus what I did virtually defines the whole look of what you can now call a tree. At the end of this article I will sum up the only significant change to the concept those gentlemen used in their project, and you can be the judge of how important it really is to your own efforts to build a POVTree.


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    looks snazzy

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