Wii HACK – Wiitar done!

[gv data=”67BOpSA8J_c”][/gv]

Wiitar! nice!  This is only beginning of the PC hacks for wii… yipee!
When do I get hands on one?
Here’s the script for running the wiitar script.

17 Responses to Wii HACK – Wiitar done!

  1. jeff says:

    nice hair….if ur a girl?

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  4. 3l1t3 says:

    Nice hair! NOT How the f#*$ can you see anywhere? One eyed Willy!!!!

  5. satan says:


  6. max says:

    what is emo anyways? ??

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  8. Zach says:

    How do you get your wiimote to go to your comp do you only need a wireless router?

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  11. girrrrrrr2 says:

    i wanna see wiitar hero soon…

  12. Izl says:

    Nice, someone should make a case for that.

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  14. luffy says:

    that’s wiitarted

  15. emo says:

    i bet ‘he’ wear womans pants. faaag.

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