How To Unlock a T-Mobile MDA/Cingular 8125

Well this is good news for T-Mobile users if they want to use a Cingular 8125.

Cool, just found a hack for unlocking your 8125 or MDA.

If you’ve got an T-Mobile MDA or a Cingular 8125 and are planning to switch from one GSM provider to the other, here’s a guide to unlocking your phone so you don’t have to buy a new one.

The short version of the instructions are: download the unlocking tool, run it, write down the SIM unlock code, insert the new SIM, and enter the code. We just did went through this process this morning on our T-Mobile MDA and it’s working great on Cingular’s network.

Unlock SIM [XDA-Developers]

Instructions [MDAHacks]

Except from one of the comments for unlocking the latest Cingular 8125:

i have the cingular 8125.

ROM version: WWE
ROM date: 5/11/06
Radio version: 02.25.11
Protocol version:
ExtROM version:

used the instuction in the following web site(first 4 steps) ran the program and punch in the given code and it worked. I did worked for me, usinging the method above.

props to xdadeveloper.



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  3. Peter says:

    HI – Can anyone inform if the above unlock works without the operators SIM card – i have the Cingular 8125 but only the phone, as i got it as a gift (USed) before going back to Denmark Copenhagen – and now try to unlock the phone to use with operator here in Denmark, Thanks to you for all your kind help.
    Peter – Missionary

  4. Izl says:

    Dont have one 😛

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