Ohio hotel to implement RFID room-key wriststraps


Of course, we will have RFID everywhere very soon starting with hotels. Well, we can always bs
about what’s going around this world with RFID and how Wal-mart has implemented RFID before
any other mass-producers…well I rather listen to some California hotel, below on YouTube….

Of course, given all that we’ve heard about RFID being hacked left and right, we’re not exactly convinced that making it easier for someone to gain access to your hotel room is a good idea. But perhaps those folks in Mason are too busy reading Blogging Ohio instead of Engadget to worry about such fussiness.

[gv data=”4mlxQ16Wcpk”][/gv]

I am just glad Wal-mart headquarters is in Arkansas not California…

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  1. Izl says:

    That made me laugh, yea RFID is everywhere… credit cards…

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