DIY Christmas HACK – Cat solution Christmas LED tree!

Hi all, we’ve been very busy trying to finish some DIYs for you’all. We have some cool USB 6-Axis
controller hack for PC from Garrett and some more Christmas DIYs coming this week!,
If you notice that we are not posting, it’s most likely we are too busy working on our next DIYs, so
in a way, good news for you…hehe 🙂
In the meanwhile, you can enjoy some mini LED Christmas tree that will allow your cat to nicely
enjoy some Christmas trees. Of course, you can build our LED Christmas tree, but it might give
your cat a good fight so…. Well, my roommate and our contributor Kenji just got a cat,
so this might be great for all those of you Hello-kitty lovers…


One Response to DIY Christmas HACK – Cat solution Christmas LED tree!

  1. Izl says:

    CAt solution? whats that mean

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