DJ’s miniture mixer, disc scratcher

Well, here’s a mixer, a mini version of disc scratcher for all you you DJs out there.
I used to play with my friend’s real mixer since he was a DJ and there are some
software versions out there but this would be rad to hook up to my mp3 or ipod
if you have one.

If it’s audio related, and can in any way, shape, or form be associated with Apple’s gem, it will be. Consequently, we’ve even seen the turntables so adored by DJs everywhere taken to the white side, bringing us everything from Numark’s duo of offerings to some alternatives that we’d probably shy away from. Hitting the low-end level once again is the iPod DJ Mixing Studio, a halfway decent looking creation that connects to an iPod (or any other DAP, to be fair), and allows you to “create your own digital mixing effects.” For those into experimenting rather than buying pre-packaged remixes, you can utilize the scratch, “digi-sound,” and voice mods via the two rotating discs. You can also toss in background rhythms and drumrolls as well as adjusting the volume and tempo. Per usual, the device can be attached to your Mac or PC for recording purposes, but we’re a little weary of how sophisticated this gizmo really is considering the $39.95 pricetag and “four AA battery” operation.


2 Responses to DJ’s miniture mixer, disc scratcher

  1. nomsh says:

    its the wasp.. zomg

  2. Izl says:

    I thought that was a device that scratches CDs at first glance 😛

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