DIY HACK – Build a Skype Server for Your Home Phone System

Here’s a detailed instructions on building your own skype server for your home phone system.

One irritating feature of Skype is that it must be running on a computer for you to make and receive calls. That is, when your computer is off, Skype doesn’t work. Moreover, when you run Skype on the computer you use day in and day out, Skype’s performance (call quality, reliability and so forth) can suffer if you are doing other things that deprive it of the runtime resources it needs.

My solution was to build a Skype server that provides 24/7 phone service with the minimum of hassle and fuss. By dumping your regular phone company and taking back control of your home phone wiring using a Skype server, you will have not only a phone system with nearly the same capabilities as before-indeed, in some ways better-you will also save a bundle of money! In my case, I save a little less than $700 US each year (this year, next year, and the year after that, and so on), or about 82% off of my old phone bill.

Using a Skype server plugged in to the existing copper phone wiring of your home means that you can lift a receiver anywhere in your home, at any time, and get a regular dial tone. Incoming calls either from Skype users or regular phones ring all handsets throughout your home. Basically, you can make Skype behave like a regular phone line, but at a tiny fraction of the cost.

3 Responses to DIY HACK – Build a Skype Server for Your Home Phone System

  1. ptpalaj says:

    ok, where are the detailed instructions?

  2. Izl says:

    Is there a monthly charge still?

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