DIY HACK – More PC controller like Wii controller and PS3 6 axis!

Another wii controller type device for PC hacked!

Ages ago, I was toying with the idea of making a DIY in-air PC mouse, and had designed it in my mind. A few days ago I saw the Wii-remote bluetooth PC controller hack and thought that it was good time to throw together my own version. As shown on the Wii remote has been utilized as a bluetooth remote for the PC/Laptop. My version isn’t as good, as it works over PS/2, and is wired (for now!). But I always find the enjoyment is in developing your OWN firmware for devices as long as it works (messing for 2 days and still not getting it working is the ultimate frustration, luckily didn’t happen).


3 Responses to DIY HACK – More PC controller like Wii controller and PS3 6 axis!

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    cool… and it looks simple enough… key word… looks…

  2. Izl says:

    ill stick with sixaxis ps3

  3. randomfantard says:

    Some of us really want this, but the companies who make such adapters need to hear it from you themselves or they will continue to assume that the Classic Controller is “not popular enough to warrant mass producing such a device.”

    I don't agree with them, and I hope you don't either. The Classic Controller is probably one of the most comfortable and best feeling in terms of button quality since the original Super NES controller.

    If either Mayflash or EMS made an adapter to use them on PC like they've done for other controllers like PSX and Gamecube it would make alot of us incredibly happy. Many are too confused by the process of using Bluetooth and Glovepie (not too mention the annoyingness and added expensive of having to have a wii-mote for the set up)

    Email these people with your thoughts:
    website @ 4triangles . com – vicky @ mayflash . com – henry @ hkems . com

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