DIY HACK – Control a web enabled Xmas tree

Here’s a cool Christmas tree that can be controlled using a web server over the internet!

A few students at The University of Advancing Technology got into the Christmas hacking spirit this weekend and surprised the campus attendants on Monday morning with a TCP/IP enabled Christmas tree. The tree has been the centerpiece of holiday decorations at the university for the past few years, casting a static white glow across the commons late into the night. Static no more, the tree now hosts a web page from an embedded PINK Ethernet module. The page allows access to a Basic Stamp microcontroller preprogrammed with switching patterns for a set of solid state relays connected to the lights. The sectional nature of artificial trees made controlling the lights as simple as plugging in each level of the tree to a relay.

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3 Responses to DIY HACK – Control a web enabled Xmas tree

  1. The Staff says:

    Nice try, but here is a reall web enabled xmas tree that anyone can play with – knock yourselves out!

  2. The Staff says:

    oops – you leave a box for website but don’t show it – its:

  3. Izl says:

    lol thats a good idea

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