WII HACK – Nintendo Wiimote Acceleration Sensor Reading

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Here some more cool wii hacking!

There’s been a lot of progress made with dissecting the operation of the Wiimote. This video was recently posted on youtube, showing a PC MATLAB graph of the Wii’s acceleration sensor data. Since this data is now technically available on the PC via bluetooth, it shouldn’t be too long before someone puts together a Wiimote enabled PC game.

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8 Responses to WII HACK – Nintendo Wiimote Acceleration Sensor Reading

  1. brian says:

    The first steps to making your own Wii games…

  2. max says:

    yes, indeed, this is great!

  3. Joe says:

    Yes, just imagine the possibilities… As off-brand Wii remotes start hitting the market, this would be one way to compare them to the Nintendo brand remotes.

    On a side note, what’s up with the author’s horribly shakey footage? I know that we’ve all come to be used to this since YouTube started up last year but still… A tripod costs $15 and a sturdy surface is free.

  4. max says:

    yes we need better videos for sure,
    don’t shoot the messenger though. hehe

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  6. Benjaman says:

    Anchance of getting a copy of the matlab script?

    cheeky I know – but desperate to have a look at some the actual values and I HAVE MATLAB already


  7. girrrrrrr2 says:

    wow how do you know where to start to do these things???

  8. SiteHoppers says:


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