DIY HACK – Full-screen scrolling teleprompter

Here’s a cool DIY on how to make your own scrolling teleprompter.

I needed a teleprompter to help me make better looking videos for my website on woodblock printmaking, so I built this one, using nothing but a few pieces of scrap wood and glass, and only free software.

When recording videos, I discovered that I’m not much of an actor … namely, I can’t remember my lines! I tried to get around this by printing out a large-type ‘script’ and hanging it up next to the camera, but when I looked at the resulting video, it was obvious that I was reading something, and not looking directly into the camera. There was only one solution … build a teleprompter!

Here’s how I did it, in just a few minutes, using a couple of scraps of wood, a scavenged piece of glass, and an old shirt …

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