Butch Harmon’s Laser Trainer

Here’s a cool golf training aid from world’s renown golf teacher, Butch Harmon.  Basically you can attach this device to ends of your golf club.  Well,
you can hack one out of flashlight or some laser pointers yourself…

Maybe we can convert out DIY golf training aid into something that’s like this…  Will Butch Harmon call us for some ideas?   Something that will teach
plane and allow the golfer to repeat his or her swing more often than not.

Well it will be for hackers like me, not a computer hacker, but golfer hacker,
you get what i am saying?

Anyways, any comments on our golf POV would be appreciated.  We are also
thinking of a new name for our new version of the golf POV.

Please leave comments below for any good thoughts for the weekend.

Thanks!  🙂


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