DIY HACK – Lucid Dreaming Mask

I’ve always read books about how to lucid dream. Actually the best instruction I’ve found was the
advice to watch your hand before you goto sleep and tell yourself, “am i dreaming?”. The book I
read suggests that if I get in the habit of doing this, I will eventually ask myself that while I am
dreaming. Also you can self-hypnotize yourself to wake when you are dreaming…

This lucid dreaming mod seems like the one I read in the book. I heard Stanford was messing with
some REM sleep for lucid dreaming, well maybe I can make one for myself now! Yipee!

The next night was the night before I published this creation – and I had no less than three lucid dreams that night! Talk about successful. The whole story was that around 3 AM (after about 4 hours of sleep) the lights woke me up very softly (this was due to a calculation error in the 5-hour wait code; it was actually waiting something like 2 hours). I went to the bathroom and tried to go back to sleep with the lights teasing my eyes every five minutes – doing a reality test every time, because I was not sure whether I was still really awake.

Here’s a site that kinda explains what I read…

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  1. bill says:

    This is awesome! I love DIY projects, especially for stuff like Lucid Dreaming.
    I made a pair of photic stim goggles once, although not for the purpose of inducing Lucid Dreams. it was more of a 7Hz entrainment device to get into a fast meditative state.


  2. Carl says:

    I had this problem where I would be in bed and know I am falling asleep, When I get to my dreams I would know I am dreaming and can do thing in my sleep, at times it was fun and weird It got to a stage where I kinda thought I was going nuts and had to keep it to my self.
    On the way back on a ship one time I got talking to this woman at the bar, and she explained what dhe was dreaming about and was talking about this lucid dreaming.
    After explaining a bit to me I thought I would do some reading up about it.
    Ever since that day, it had never happened again, although I am pleased I get the feeling I am missing something.

  3. Izl says:

    so what exactly is a lucid dream?

  4. 1234 says:

    A lucid dream is when you are suddenly aware in your dream that you are having a dream. Then you decide to do some serious fucking all night long, ya dig!

  5. 1234 says:

    I did not sleep with your bitch, ok!

  6. 1234 says:

    My cats breath smells like cat food.

  7. Cherie Hudson says:

    Okay, I can't find how to make the mask?

  8. Cherie Hudson says:

    Okay, I can't find how to make the mask?

  9. Cherie Hudson says:

    Okay, I can't find how to make the mask?

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