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Hackaday found some cool stuff after their sushi thanksgiving party, well I gotta give that a try
next year. You can always refer to Make’s HOWTO on sushi for sushi lovers.

Talking about sushi, if you live in San Francisco, you gotta check out Oyaji’s Restaurant.  It’s run by
a Japanese chef, Hideki, who’s from Japan.  He’s got some awesome fresh sushi.

Anyways, getting back to the hackaday story, here’s some cool ps3 grills you can make if you want
to make it super geeky instead of buying one from George Foreman.  Well actually my friend did
have a george foreman grill and the steaks ended up nice.

Yes, we are getting hungry again although we just ate, we will have to add cooking category to our
categories soon…
Okay, anyways again, getting back to the original cool stuff from Hackaday, here it is:

In one of those special moments of vengance, the ‘real’ ps3 grill was created. (It’s been built, don’t be fooled by the fund raising graphic they were too lazy to remove.)In another moment of consumer electronics death, a 25mw 405nm laser was obtained from a blu-ray DVD burner and turned into the closest thing to a light saber I’ve seen.

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