More PS3 smashings continue…

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More PS3 bashing continue as if people were either trying to promote it or
the opposite. Anyways, it seems someone is smashing another PS3 somewhere
else in the world.
If you have better PS3 smashings, you know where to send them to.

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We’ll be the first to admit that the whole “smash this object” craze is getting a tad out of hand, but the latest rendition of demolishing a perfectly functional PlayStation 3 is just revolting. While we’ve witnessed Nintendo’s Wii being cautiously dissected and publicly mangled, a couple of mountain men (and their canine companions) decided to take their newly purchased 60GB PS3 to the woodshed. After rambling about and capturing their mountaineer lifestyle in perfect fashion, they decide to crush the box with a large chunk of timber, only to make matters worse by busting out the ole hacksaw. Further abuse was bestowed care of a gas-powered chainsaw, and for the finale, it was set ablaze to cheers of evil laughter. While the motive here is certainly clear, and the tools used to inflict punishment are indeed respectable, you’d think someone willing to trash $600 (not to mention to probable near-death experience trying to acquire one) would actually show the PS3 within the box. But alas, no “real” proof is ever shown, so be sure to peep the YouTube vid after the break and chuckle at this glaring oversight.

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    “This video is no longer available”

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