Harddrive made out of paper!

Okay, here’s a way you can store information on paper. All though it’s not in commercial stages,
this seems like a technological breakthrough for storage of information. We might actually travel
back in time to the beginning of computers where paper was the storage. Let’s keep our eyes keen
on the development of new technology. Maybe instead of a memory card, we can have all our
future information stored in a business card.

Named “Rainbow Technology”, the new technique is the brainchild of Sainul Abideen, who has just finished his MCA at Muslim Educational Society Engineering College in Kuttipuram in Kerala’s Malappuram district.

The extremely low-cost technology will drastically reduce the cost of storage and provide for high-speed storage as well. Files in any format such as movie files, songs, images and text can be stored using this technology.


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  1. Carl says:

    I can see data being stored in holograms yet !

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