Wii Hack (Streaming Roms from PC to WII)


The youtube video looks like the author was able to hack roms to the WII from his PC.
Kinda cool.

Check out wiiroms website, they got whole bunch of stuff on downloading roms to wii and all kinds of wii rom hacks!

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Revolution Roms.com – wii rom hacking cheat codes and mods.
Nintendo Wii Roms.com – Isos and romz for the N new console.

EmuWii.com – Nintendo Wii Emulator roms.
WiiRoms.info – Nintendo Wii Roms emulator.

You might also want to check out emuwii too for more rom hacks.

27 Responses to Wii Hack (Streaming Roms from PC to WII)

  1. okto says:

    HOW. What kind of person posts something this awesome and does not mention how they did it?

  2. nullcline says:

    @ okto

    Because it is fake. There was a deliberate power cycle/AV signal switching that should not have occurred in the video, which is a dead giveaway.

  3. BogogF says:

    Hmm… I dunno if I’d call fake just from the AV text on the screen, a lot of tv’s have that shit pop-up when electrical items change modes or power up. Though I find it hard to believe someone has interfaced the wii with pc so quickly.

  4. diegolt says:

    completely fake, if you look closer youncan see av1- av2 switch…

  5. MarioGamer1220 says:

    it shouldn’t be fake. he even said he accessed it through his own server and he could have done this with the Wii Shop Browser i agree that its completely possible.
    any of you who think its fake should just go die in a whole filled with ROMloading Wii’s.

  6. Cary says:

    OK, so I beleive it is fake as well, but I think you people are focusing on the wrong things here:

    1. So it’s not hard to fake an online Wii shop. It’s a bunch of java servlet pages that can be guessed at to see what they’re supposed to do. Redirecting to a convincing Wii online shop shouldn’t be too hard–although It’s impressive that they did so to the point where they could initiate a download.

    2. Focusing on the error message and system reboot; I would not jump to the conclusion that a system reboot wouldn’t be necessary since I’ve seen stranger things involved in console hacking. I would question the fact that they didn’t show the Wii channels BEFORE the hack, however. Let me present a likely scenario:

    –Faker downloads zelda for 500 wii points.
    –Faker sets up fake wii online store to get the wii to display their “hacked” screen as we see in the vid.
    –Faker focuses on the custom text, does a system reboot after the error message.
    –Faker then shows us the “New” zelda rom in the channels.

    Assuming for a moment that they really did xfer a rom from a PC to the Wii, each VC game is encoded with a specific wii console ID and a digital signature. Most likely, they did this with a copy that they had already downloaded to their wii. While interesting, this is not significant. What would be impressive would be to show a game that hasn’t been released on the VC being uploaded AND THEN PLAYED–anoter detail missing from the video.


  7. Sean says:

    just look at camera movment at 37sec and 38sec, massive jerk from where they pressed stop and start recording.

  8. max says:

    hmmm…i think it would be a complete waste of time for someone to actually spend that much time to fake it…but maybe it could be or it is real…

  9. dan says:

    i think it’s fake just because they never played the game… wouldnt that be the video’s point of climax? That to me is the only giveaway i need.

    >hmmm…i think it would be a complete waste of time for someone to actually spend that
    >much time to fake it…

    That’s what an illusionist does… they work harder and put in many more hours than you could imagine to possible to pull off a silly stunt.

  10. Chuck says:

    At the jerk at 37 seconds 2 brick blocks have not been hit, but after the 2 blocks have been hit. Normally during the download, mario hits the block to show the progress, but you don’t see the block being hit so I think there is some fakeness to it.

  11. Polarity says:

    This is real, I’ve done it myself. I’ve also got uClinux to boot, but input doesn’t work yet.


    1) Run DNS server and point shop to local Apache server
    2) Run Apache server with index.tmd added as an index.
    3) Place TMD file, which is not being distributed at the moment, in server root.
    4) Use your DNS server on the Wii internet settings section.
    5) Go to the Wii shop.
    6) A channel will be added that boots your custom content.bin
    7) Profit.

  12. Random says:

    Well, I don’t think it’s real, but the fact that the camera jerked might not mean that it was faked…
    for instance, if the guy made a mistake and wanted to cover it up, he might have reset the camera. The fact that the game didn’t get played tells me it is probably faked, but if the guy went through so much trouble to fake a screen, don’t you think he wouldn’t have posted the video unless it looked convincing? Camera jumps don’t make for a convincing video, so I think it may have been trying to cover up a legitimate error he made.

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  14. dug says:

    this is almost funny…

    but not quite

  15. Jon says:

    This would be VERY EASY video to fake.

    I’m not saying it is fake, but it would be SIMPLE.

    1. Connect Wii Video output to computer capture card.
    2. Capture Download session.
    3. Edit video (which for this one is text only).
    4. Burn DVD
    5. Play DVD on TV
    6. Capture Playback on Camcorder
    7. Upload to Youtube

    I personally would skip steps 4-6 but that might reveal editing quality (unless you’re really good), and the ability to show the Wii sitting beside the TV to lend “credibility” to the video.

    – Jon

  16. bob says:

    I doubt it’s real, like it was said each game has a wii unique code, I think if this was done with a pc the game would just go “err where’s the wii? Too confused, must crash” on top of that if it was that easy I think nintendo would have figured it out by now or the everybody getting profit from vc games would be screwing

  17. jayp says:

    if yall look closely ull see that wii is turned off no 1 else notices the red light instead of green????

  18. Ciro says:

    its is obviosly fake, he could of made it look like it was downloading the zelda game, but he porbably had it on there from the start. and even if it is real, he doesnt show wether the game even works

  19. fuzz says:

    if it was fake, why was the video pulled?

  20. Necrolepsy says:

    Good call, fuzz….

    Btw, If the download session was recorded, then why does the Wii points amount say “null”? (I really would like to know)…

  21. facu says:

    this is obvious fake. the big N does things very carefull so you can not do things like this. You just have to try harder if you want to do a real wii hack.

  22. max says:

    I think this post is getting really old… :p

  23. girrrrrrr2 says:

    … wow 23… that is almost to much…

  24. Glyn says:

    Ha I found out how to do it
    to get instructions email me a ferrari_enzo_gt22hotmail.com

  25. Glyn says:

    I know how haha
    email me at ferrari_enzo_gt2@hotmail.com to find out

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