DIY – Extra a High Powered Laser out of a Blu Ray DVD Player
You gotta check out wickedlasers, they make anywhere from a laser that’s simply
visible to lasers that can melt plastic. In the HackedGadgets article, we can see
how the high powered laser is being extracted from a blue-ray player. In short,
DIYers and hackers will now be able to get hands on one of the more powerful
lasers to be able to be used for their next gizmo.
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3 Responses to DIY – Extra a High Powered Laser out of a Blu Ray DVD Player

  1. justin says:

    i have plenty of lasers lying aroung and i want to impress my friends with a cool laser.
    i have very good experience with electronics and can relate to most circuit diagrams. can you please tell me how to achived the 600w power supply and how you got the frequency i would very much appreshiate it. thank you
    if you can please simplify diagrams and state the steps you took

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    i cant help you … but i want one of these…

  3. TurboSnigel says:

    Hi Justin, to get your 600W powersuplie you need to use your incredible skills in elektronics to conect a few 100 or so 9 Volt bateries… just conect your batery stach in parralell and you vwill be ok.

    My self prefer to use a singel 9V batery to power a laser in the more normal milliwat region… (Thats a facotor 100 smaler laser then the one Justin will be using but it will still be able to melt plastic, wher do you get hold of your 600w laser anyvay? do you knowe some one in a military recerch facility?

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