AirScooter II Ultralight Helicopter for 50Gs!

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You gotta check out the supposedly $50,000 personal helicopter. It is now becoming more and
more practically for people to actually own a personal helicopter. The only thing is, it doesn’t look
like it’s too sturdy for any kind of bad wheather. Well, looks are not everything, maybe it will
perform under pressure.  Hackedgadgets have some more cool pictures…

The AirScooter uses a dual coaxial rotor system that eliminates the need for complicated swash plates and greatly simplifies the aircraft’s controls (unlike a traditional helicopter, the AirScooter II uses motorcycle-style handlebars). The design also eliminates foot controls and the tail rotor. The company reports a maximum speed of 55 knots (approximately 60 mph, in keeping with ultralight regulations) and a 2-hour range from the 5 gallon tank. Power is provided by a 65 HP AeroTwin 4-stroke engine.

For those who like the concept of a coaxial rotorcraft but don’t have $50G to burn, the company also makes the AirScoot R/C coaxial rotor hobby model. The complete radio controlled package with 10 cell battery pack sells for $695.

Air Scooter II Ultralight Recreational Vehicle

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  1. garrett says:

    The only thing about a helicopter: if it breaks down, you’re hitting the ground at terminal velocity. With an ultralight airplane at least you have the opportunity to glide the thing to a safe landing, depending on your skill and the area below.

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