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Wow check out this Wifi CAN TV. Here’s a way you can make your own WiFi video station. This
could possibly very helpful for schools who are trying to setup their own video streaming classes.

This device is helping to deliver TV on the cheap. For about $34.00 you could build your own. Read more about the WiFi Can TV at Geekcorps. If you are interesting in building your own check out the detailed instructions in PDF Form. The heart of the device is a module from Airwave Technologies, you can have a look at the specs. and buy your own from Active Robots.

“In the village of Bourem Inaly, Mali there are over 120 television sets powered by 12-volt car batteries, but there is almost nothing to watch. With its CanTV project, Geekcorps has helped the local radio station stream video content to the local community over WiFi. The radio station, which rents these units out, benefits from a new monthly revenue stream while the villagers benefit with an improved source of news and entertainment.

One goal of the CanTV project is to make it possible to build the CanTV receivers or TV cantennas (antennas built with cans) using locally using locally available parts, with the exception of the $25 audio/video receiver currently imported from Canada. Also, the TV cantennas have been designed so that a local technician can quickly learn how to install them without special tools. The radio station already has access to television broadcasts via satellite, and a TV over WiFi transmitter installed in August 2005 by Moussa Keita of Geekcorps.”

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