Video – PS3 6 Axis Controller


So my friends waited 30 hours at the SF Sony Metreon to get this PS3. Well the good news is that we got our hands on one and checked it out. It seems like the new 6 Axis controller looks exactly like a PS2 controller, except it’s wireless. Well, let the party keep rollin’ ! We made some custom long island ice teas and relaxed while playing some Wii and PS3… Well, at the next party, we will let you know so you can reserve a seat.

4 Responses to Video – PS3 6 Axis Controller

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  2. Izl says:

    It has triggers on the shoulder buttons, its thinner, and no vibration, coming soon though

  3. xklaudx says:

    what! the WII has no good games, and the PS3 has way better graphics not to mention free online play

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