Google 15 – Chart your weight

Yes, here’s a way you can chart your weight and see how much you way over the long term. How pointless yet useful is this? Well, if you are overweight, this is very useful… If you are fit, it’s still useful because you can find out how your workouts at the local gym is affecting your weight in the long term. Well, personally I don’t really workout that much, but I’d say whenever I work out, I lose about 5 lbs. in one day. I can also gain 5 lbs. in one day. How the water effect has on your body weight is a very good study of your weight and controlling your health…

This website is due to the fact that people who start working at Google gain about 15 lbs.  due to the great food they have, kinda pointless but is useful…

via ValleyWAG

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