CBS Is Pretty *#&$in Excited About YouTube

Yes, I think YouTube and Google will eventually provide TV services much greater than local TV cable such as Comcast or satellites. Time will tell how successful YouTube is but one thing we know, they have been bought by the biggest internet giant Google and there’s no saying in how the future will be like. We hope that they are able to bring us more high resolution videos than 320 by 240 pixels, which is really crappy to say the least. There is only one future for YouTube and Google marriage, a high-resolution video similar to TV.

Yes, it’s true that CBS is excited and they should be. We, the people at Zedomax, do predict that another dot-com boom is about to come very soon, in the form of videos, audio, and most importantly, hopefully, blogs and wikis!

Just a little over a month after a partnership was announced that puts CBS content on YouTube legally, CBS Interactive President Quincy Smith is beside himself with praise for their new partner. In a press release today, YouTube says that CBS content has been viewed 29.2 million times since October 18, which is an average of 857,000 views per day. Here’s an example of a clip.

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