DIY – Message Machine for your Pets

Here’s a cool message machine you can make for your dog or cat to let him or her know “you are on the way”, “talk to me”, or “XO” (kisskiss i think).  Interesting to note that this is for a “wireless toy” midterm?  Wow, things have changed a lot since last time I was in college.  That doesn’t sound like midterm at all, looks fun! 🙂

Chatter uses the Plushie Message Framework (chat-parsing script to Arduino to wireless module) to send selected instant messages from your computer to the message pillow. Often times I leave my message client open just to get that “emotional check-in” or other brief snippet from my sweetheart, but I don’t want messages from anyone else. With the Chatter Pillow, I just alter a few parameters in the script to filter all but three messages from him: “xo,” “on my way,” and “talk to me.” That way I can be on the couch or ready for bed and still get the message. The pillow lights up with the appropriate symbol indicating whether he’ll be home soon or if I should make my way to the computer to answer a question.

Message Machine via make


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