San Francisco’s alt millionaires

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Enthusiastic boasting was present in the form of Kris Tate, founder of photo sharing site Zooomr, explaining to me why they turned down a $2 million dollar offer from Google. “We’re going to take over the world!” he answered, telling me that his selling price today would be $15 million, “but that number changes every day.” Zooomr CEO and photographer extraordinaire Thomas Hawk contradicted that idea, rhetorically asking why anyone would want to sell and claiming to have “bigger plans than that,” detailing his wish to create a site that mixes elements from Flickr, Facebook, and iStock Photo. Groom-to-be Chris Pirillo of Gnomodex gave an outsider’s perspective on the economic uptake, unfortunately invoking the Valley’s premier epithet – the dreaded “b” word – by claiming that he was in Seattle to stay safe from the bubble.

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  1. Izl says:

    So whats their price now…

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