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We have a new face for our blog, which will be a wiki.  Wikis are becoming very popular these days
among the general public and large organizations.  In our experience over the last couple months
testing the wiki, the wikis provide far greater depth into how you can sort and store information.
Wiki would be something between HTML and Word DOC except 100 times faster in organizing
and re-organizing.  Now might be a good time to start your own wiki site, since wikipedia does
all sorts of filtering now days, you can make your own encyclopedia!  There are ways to have
your own wikipedia server…well…you will have to figure that one out.
Now if you type on your browser, you will get the new Zedomax Wiki page.
We might change it a little so if you need to bookmark the wiki, use

You can still access our blog homepage using:

So far, we have a feed reader that gives you feeds of cool tech blog sites and a DIY wiki we have not developed yet,
but future DIYs will be posted there.  Hopefully, we will be able to get a better unique look to our DIYs…
You are free to post your DIYs on here and if you have a technology related blog, please also feel free
to add your RSS feeds to Zedomax Feeds.  If you have any trouble, just send your RSS feed link to:

You can also make your own page for reading your personal feeds, which would be shared with everyone else
of course because it’s a wiki.

We used mediawiki, which powers wikipedia. It seems like there’s a new wiki site popping up every week based on the
mediawiki. We also used some cool mediawiki extensions which are like plugins for the mediawiki.

We tried tikiwiki but after initial testing, it seemed to have good linking features but lacked stability.

Any suggestions appreciated in how we can make this wiki thing bring us more web traffic…hehe…isn’t that what we are all trying to do?

I think MediaWiki does has good features. Probably not the easiest to use but you can copy & paste a lot of stuff from Wikipedia,
Wikipedia is mostly based on non-copyright stuff anyways…
Interesting new wiki running MediaWiki:

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