NES mod – turn your old nintendo into a guitar!

Cool DIY on how to make a guitar out of your old NES!

Seems like anything can be made from an old NES system, including a guitar.

“For the courageous (and musically gifted) this god of a man posted a quasi-DIY guide here, complete with extra pictues. How much would you pay for one of these babies? This god of a man sacrificed his NES, the best system evar, to make a freakin’ awesome guitar. Unlike the Halo fanboy who made the rocket launcher, this awesome project is actually functional.”

Via: Destructoid

via hackedgadgets

2 Responses to NES mod – turn your old nintendo into a guitar!

  1. garrett says:

    This was bound to happen…not only can an NES be made into anything, but anything can be made into a guitar.

  2. Izl says:

    Thats so true garret

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