Add Snap Previews to Any Site For Free

Cool new preview site!

Last week they launched Snap Preview Anywhere, a free service that lets any site owner add previewing technology to their sites. When installed, every link on the site (internal links are optional) will show a preview of the linked site when a viewer hovers over the link. To see how it works, hover over the “Try Snap Preview Anywhere here” link near the top of this page. Snap Product Evangelist Jason Fields and Business Development executive Joseph Sarmiento gave me a demo of Snap Preview Anywhere at the Web 2.0 Summit last week.

The preview optionally includes a Snap search box, and large partners are eligible to negotiate a revenue share with Snap based on usage. For others, having the preview functionality will be incentive enough.

Someone has already created a wordpress plugin for the functionality as well, which makes installation easier.

via techcrunch

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