VIDEO HOWTO – How wooden doors are made

Wow, here’s an awesome video on HOW to make wooden doors. Which reminds me, i just paid $450 for my new wooden door at my apartment, which I broke because I was too impatient and locked myself out… but otherwise, my life is great! πŸ™‚

Lowes has some good articles on exterior wooden doors…

Yes, you can go kinda into these doors and make secret doors too…

via techeblog

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  1. garrett says:

    i had cool doors in college…let’s see. one year, i mounted a red LED inside the peephole and connected it to a small computer running linux. it would check my email and start blinking if i had any. that way, i could be studying with someone else down the hall and not have to go back and unlock my door to check email every time.

    another one was taking out the peephole and mounting the webcam outside. i could see what was happening in the hall and snap photos of the guy kicking a soccer ball into doors at 3 am.

    and then there was the time i mounted an LCD through the peephole (notice a theme here?) to display messages to anyone who dropped by while i was in class.

    i guess the last one was a huge poster made from downloaded satellite photos of the city; it mostly covered the door, back when satellite photos were still pretty rare and earned a “wow” instead of “meh”.

  2. Laurentia says:

    hallo hallo wie stinkt hier zo?? het is het mannetje zoiezo.

    vrouwtjes ruiken altijd lekker,, misschien komt de stank uit de stekker…

    nee nee dat kan het niet zijn…

    dan is het me broertje pepijn!!

    dag lekkeredingen HOU VAN JULLIE (K)

  3. Izl says:

    lol you locked yourself out… silly

  4. carol says:

    we sell doors but I really never really knew what was involved, so thanks for sharing this video which shows how wooden doors are created and the processes involved.

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