GPOD – the real GPOD

Update from earlier gpod article. We have been getting a lot of good traffic due to the gpod by the way, thanks gpod!

Well, I guess Apple still won’t be happy…
Well, we just got a reply from one of the developers of Gpod and he wants me to try one.
Hmmm… the translated website in English doesn’t say if this is for males, I don’t think it is…
Well, here’s the updated picture, maybe the previous one was just a prototype or something… yipee!

The photograph of publishing is wrong.
Please refer to the following gPod official site.
Please try first gpod in the world by all means.
The distributing agent in each country is being recruited.

2 Responses to GPOD – the real GPOD

  1. I thank for a correction of an immediate photograph.
    I want you to think gPod to be adult goods, and there is not it.
    It can be realized to get pleasure same as a physically unimpaired person for sensitivity if a woman of a physical disability has you use it.
    Of course I can send the best pleasure to all women.
    You access by all means, too, and please understand it. Please become Distributing agent of your country.
    The business talk is waited for.

  2. Izl says:

    ^^ Of course I can send the best pleasure to all women.

    LOL sorry to make fun of the english, i can tell what ur saying though somewat 😛

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