DIY – Use the golf POV for your next Ad, here’s a Nike Swoosh


Here’s a Nike Swoosh Garrett and I made using the Golf POV from last week. We also got some sideview footage for more swing analysis. It seems that the letters of Nike helps in seeing the backswing versus the downswing.

We know, that this would look a lot better with Tiger Woods on it…

You can observe the backswing plane as the backwards Nike and the downswing plane as the forward Nike symbol.

Here’s a 45 degree angle:

Here’s a sideview:

Well that does take the swing analysis concept a little further. Now you can also analyze your backswing and downswing plane. You want your downswing plane under your backswing plane, which means you are swinging inside-out. Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons has a good detailed instructions on the planes of a golf swing.

If you need a free ad for your website, let us know, we will make you one!

Or you can make your own in about 2 hours.

Oh yeah, here’s the source code for the Nike Ad we made.

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